Extravaganza! 2015

Registration is now open for Judges and Stewards for the Extravaganza! 2015.  To register, please click HERE.

Final judging is February 21st, 2015 at Boscos Squared on Overton Square in Memphis, starting at 9 am.  Preliminary sessions will be at Memphis Made on February 15 (2 pm) and 19th (7 pm).

Get your beers ready – Entry will open on January 2nd.  Drop off at Memphis Made, Bernoulli Brew Werks or MidSouth Malts.

Extravaganza! 2014 results here.

Extravaganza! 2013 results here.

A BIG Thank you to all our sponsors!  Please visit them!


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Cooper Young Regional Beerfest this Saturday

Cooper Young Regional Beerfest is this weekend! Here’s our lineup for all you thirsty people:

Poblano Wit – Belgian wit with poblano and habanero peppers.

Breakfast Stout – Cold-steeped Oatmeal Stout randalled through a pound of whole coffee beans.

¡Molé! – English Brown Porter with cocoa, ancho, chipotle, and orange peel.

Baker Street Brown – An English Brown Ale brewed with basil and agave nectar.

Tongue Thai’d – Wheat beer brewed with lemongrass, basil, & ginger.

Nessie the Stout – A Russian Imperial Stout.

Kölsch – A clean, crisp, refreshing light hybrid beer.

Islands Imperial IPA – A big, hoppy India Pale Ale.

Yorkshire Porter – An English Porter.

Cooperfest – A hoppy take on an Ale-toberfest

More beer info is located at untappd.com/BluffCityBrewers.

Hope to see you there!

June/July Upcoming Events

June 19: Club meeting, 7:00 at Central BBQ on Summer. Bring the beers you made at Bosco’s or Bernoulli Brew Werks on National Homebrew Day for the Best of the Bluff competition!

June 28: Brew day/pool party at Richard’s. Details TBA at the club meeting, so make sure you’re there!

The inaugural Tennessee State Fair Homebrew Competition is now accepting entries. Have ‘em in the system by July 18; bottles must arrive in Nashville between July 28 and August 1. Entries are 7 bucks each and can be loaded here: http://tsf.fairmanager.com/

Finally, the Best of the Bluff for July will be “lawnmower beers.” Any style is okay as long as it’s something you’d want to drink on a hot day after mowing the lawn. Go ahead and start planning and brewing these now!

Welcome to our new communications officer – Adam Steele!

Hi everyone!


This will be my last post as communications officer as we transition the duties to the newly elected Adam Steele!  Congrats Adam on defeating Nick Vincent in a special election at our last meeting.


You can still get in touch with your friendly comm officer by emailing communications at bluffcitybrewers.com, so the transition should be smooth for all of you.


I’m sorry to be leaving the club, it’s not because I don’t love it but I am moving away from Memphis next month and won’t be very effective as a communications officer anymore!


Best of luck and keep up the great brewing!


Extravaganza! 2014 results. Thanks to everyone who helped out, entered beers and sponsored us!

Hey everyone!  The 2014 Extravaganza! is complete!

The Extravaganza! 2014 page has been updated with the results and a new graph of the entry breakdown by category for the last 3 years.

You can also view the results on the competition site.

Lastly, a huge thank you to our sponsors!  See who helped make this year’s competition possible by clicking HERE!


Hope you all had a great time, congratulations to our winners and we hope you’ll all be back next year!

Extravaganza! 2014 – Judges, Stewards and sorters needed!

Extravaganza is almost upon us!  If you would like to help us sort entries, judge beers, steward (aka pull specific beers out of boxes, arrange them for judges, collect judges’ scores, and bring them back to the data entry station) we would really appreciate it!
No prior experience is required.
You can find a bit more information on the various roles here:
Here are the dates and times.  Please let me know if you can help out with any of these!  If you’re a maybe that’s fine too, let me know you might be coming and firm up with me later.
Memphis Made Brewing is generously hosting us for:
Saturday February 8th 11am-2pm – Sorting Entries
–We would like 10-12 volunteers for this.  Pizza and Beer provided
Saturday February 15th 10am-2pm – Judging Session 1
–As many judges as we can get!  Up to 4 stewards accepted.
Thursday February 20th 7pm-11pm – Judging Session 2
–As many judges as we can get!  Up to 4 stewards accepted.
Friday February 21st 6pm-10pm  - Judging Session 3 (Will only be held if needed, stay tuned)
–This session will only take place if we have more entries than we can handle on Saturday in time to be out of Bosco’s by 5 (awards/raffle included).  As with previous judging sessions we will need as many judges as possible and up to 4 stewards IF IT TAKES PLACE AT ALL.
Bosco’s has once again been kind enough to host:
Saturday February 22nd 9am-5pm – Final Judging and awards
–Doors will open at 8:00am, we would very much appreciate judges and stewards arriving by 8:45 so we can get started right at 9.  We will have room for all judges from 9-11, from 11-3 we will be judging in the back room only with limited space.  From 3-4 we will do Best of Show and awards will be at 4:00.
–So, as many judges as we can get, with the understanding that not all of you will judge past 11 and up to 5 stewards.
–Judges and Stewards will be given lunch by Bosco’s.
–Please let me know if you would like to judge for this.  I will be checking on judging space and trying to get as much of this set up beforehand as possible.
BJCP Certified judges – Please let me know your rank so that we can work out Best Of Show ahead of time.  Also, if you have any category preferences or specialties that’s useful too!
Hope to see you all there!

Extravaganza! Judge training and other volunteer info

Hey everyone!

Our Extravaganza homebrew competition is coming up and we need judges!  If you are interested in learning to judge in time for the competition come out to our training sessions and we’ll teach you how to judge beer!

The first session will take place this coming Saturday (January 11th) at 9am.  In this session we will cover “Basic Training”, what you’re looking for when evaluating a beer and the steps you take to do so.

The location is being graciously provided by Memphis Made Brewing Company:

768 S. Cooper St.

Memphis, TN 38104


The second session will be held on Saturday January 25th at 9am.  This session will teach you what the various off-flavors in beer are and how to recognize them.  Memphis Made Brewing Co will also be hosting this session!

The judge training is interactive so there will be beer smelling, sipping and drinking involved of both good beers and not so good beers (so you know what they smell/taste like).

If you are able to bring a table and/or chairs please let us know!


More information on what kinds of help we’ll need here: