Photo by: Matt Spaanem

Pro-Am competition 2018

Hey Brewers!

We have some exciting news! Ghost River has agreed to host the Pro-Am competition for us this year!

For those unfamiliar, each homebrewer that wants to participate submits their entry to be judged by March 15th 2018, and they will all be judged by a panel of the brewers from Ghost River. They will decide the winner based on best of show.

The winner gets to collaborate and have their beer scaled up (to an 18-30 barrel batch!) and brewed by Ghost River to be served in their tap room! They then will send that beer to GABF and provide the brewer with a ticket so that they can serve their beer (and check out the awesome festival as well)!

The winner just has to provide transportation and hotel arrangements.

There are no official rules for entries, but keep in mind that it has to be scaled up and brewed on a commercial level. Participants must be a dues paid member to participate, so make sure you have paid your dues for the year!

They also want to make a day of the judging, so plan on bringing 2 unmarked bottles (we will come up with a lable system later), as well as more for sharing. They will give us a tour and have some activities set up for us. Time is to be determined but we will likely get started around 12!

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