Extravaganza! Judge training and other volunteer info

Hey everyone!

Our Extravaganza homebrew competition is coming up and we need judges!  If you are interested in learning to judge in time for the competition come out to our training sessions and we’ll teach you how to judge beer!

The first session will take place this coming Saturday (January 11th) at 9am.  In this session we will cover “Basic Training”, what you’re looking for when evaluating a beer and the steps you take to do so.

The location is being graciously provided by Memphis Made Brewing Company:

768 S. Cooper St.

Memphis, TN 38104


The second session will be held on Saturday January 25th at 9am.  This session will teach you what the various off-flavors in beer are and how to recognize them.  Memphis Made Brewing Co will also be hosting this session!

The judge training is interactive so there will be beer smelling, sipping and drinking involved of both good beers and not so good beers (so you know what they smell/taste like).

If you are able to bring a table and/or chairs please let us know!


More information on what kinds of help we’ll need here:


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