2013 A Great Year for Brewing

2013 is shaping up to be a great year for Memphis beer culture, with two new breweries opening (High Cotton Brewing, Memphis Made Brewing), Ghost River selling beer as fast as they can make it, and Budweiser of Memphis bringing in more Craft Beer, things are going to get fun real quick!

The BCBC have plans for 2013 too, we’re so excited we can’t hold them in any longer.

To begin, we’ve put together a full schedule of meeting presentations for 2013. The first six months are firm, we’re still finalizing a few presentations but I think things will fall into place.

Secondly, there will be numerous opportunities to sharpen your brewing skills. We’ll need people to brew for some of the meetings, July and October particularly. We’ll have festivals to brew for in the spring and fall, then there are other events like Rock N Romp, Project Green Fork and the MS Brew Movement.  And don’t forget our traditions like Homebrew Day and the monthly AHA and Best of The Bluff club only competitions.

By this time next year I bet you can say you’re a better brewer because of the information you’ve gotten from the club and by the practice you’ve had brewing for some of these “opportunities”.   I’m sure I will.

2013 Meeting Schedule

  • Jan – Session Beers, < 1.040 OG
  • Feb – Extravaganza Judging
  • Mar – Brew In A Bag (100% Wheat beer tasting) may also have short presentation on growing hops
  • Apr – Making Wine (from kits & fruit)
  • May – Cold Fermentation
  • Jun – 1 Wort, 4 Yeast
  • Jul – Grocery Store Brew
  • Aug – Brewing Big Beers
  • Sep – Hops with Sheri McCalla from Botanic Garden, also presentation on Herb Beers by club member
  • Oct – Fictional Beers
  • Nov – Gadgets, alternate: SMaSH beers
  • Dec – Open

See you at the meetings!



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