best of the Bluff

Best of the Bluff is Back!

We’re glad to welcome back our inter-club people’s choice brew-off! On January 18th, 2018 we’re starting Best of the Bluff again. Each month at our meetings we will be judging each brewer’s entry.

January’s category, to tie in with Science of Beer, is Dark Beers. This is a popular vote contest and the only criteria is that your brew must be at least SRM 30. So brew up your Black IPAs, Schartzbiers and Coconut Sage Coffee Hefes and let’s drink and win stuff.

Win a bunch of times and we’ll have a end of year B.o.t.B champion!

For future reference:
January – Dark beers
February – N/A due to Extravaganza!
March – White beers
April – Red beers

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