November 2012 Club Meeting

The meeting is this Thursday, Nov. 15th, 7:00 pm Central BBQ on Summer.

This month we’ll judge “Best of the Bluff” – Black Beer, any style.   We’ll also have a tasting of the “Wet Hop” Ale we brewed for Learn To Homebrew Day, this was brewed with fresh Cascade hops from the Botanic Garden.

Don’t forget the T-Shirt design competition, bring your design to the December meeting

Does anyone have ideas for programs?  We’re trying to get Bill Sharpe to present a program on Wine Kits but it may be early next year.  Anyone want to present a topic on “Brewing Lagers” or “Brewing Big Beers”?

Upcoming AHA and Best of Bluff dates are below, NOTE because of judging for the extravaganza in February and the early due date for the March AHA entry (March 1st), we moved the Barleywine judging to January and we moved the White House Honey Ale from January to March.  It that’s a problem for anyone, we can discuss it at the meeting.

Month Category
December Best of the Bluff – Holiday Ale and AHA Un-Session Beers ( OG>1.040), (AHA entries due Jan 11)
January AHA Barleywine (due March 1st)
February None – Judging for Extravaganza
March Best of the Bluff – White House Honey Ale (Recipe), brew the WH beer and we’ll vote on the best one
April AHA – Extract Beers – Entries due TBD
May Best of Bluff – Session Beers  ( OG<1.040), How Low Can You Go?



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