Proposed Ordnance to Affect Local Brewing

This is a follow up to the announcement Drew Barton made at the club meeting (Thursday June 21st 2012) . Brew

There will be a public hearing to discuss the Unified Development Code (UDC) at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 17th, at 3:30 p.m.

Our interest in this is because of the proposed amendment to the Unified Development Code that includes a provision to allow Memphis breweries to operate an on premises tasting room WITHOUT having to maintain a kitchen (and offer food).  This would allow Ghost River and High Cotton (and future breweries) to sell individual pints at the brewery but not have the burden of maintaining a kitchen.

If you have time, please attend the City Council meeting, Tuesday July 17th. and show support for this important amendment.

There will also be a public meeting on Wednesday, June 27,  2012, from 6-8 p.m., at Playhouse on the Square, to discuss the proposed changes to the UDC.  More information about this meeting can be found here.

Other resources:

Hope you can attend the meeting on the 17th and PLEASE pass this information on using your social media of choice.



2 thoughts on “Proposed Ordnance to Affect Local Brewing”

  1. Jeff Kinzer

    Here’s an update from Drew Barton on the proposal:

    “The amendment to the city code of ordinances allowing breweries to operate a tasting room without the obligation to maintain a kitchen or serve food, was passed by the city council yesterday.

    The amendment now makes its way to the mayor’s desk. There doesn’t appear to be any resistance from the Mayor’s office.

    I would like to take this time to thank the guys at High Cotton, in particular Brice Timmons, for getting this ball in motion and seeing it through over the last couple of months.

    Hopefully soon we can all meet up and have a beer in a tasting room!”

    This is great news for the city of Memphis and Craft beer lovers. Let’s hope this sails across the mayor’s desk with record speed!!


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