July Officer’s Meeting


Bosco's Squared




Richard Heath, Phillip LeTard, Bryan Barnes, Alan Jackson, Ryan Bosio, Evan Comeaux

Meeting Notes

-Leadership has been struggling over the past year with Charlie & Adam stepping down and lacking a full-time Communications Chair. Richard is pretty burnt out (understandably), but if we can re-energize the leadership and take some weight off his shoulders, he will stay on as President and we can increase membership (which is very low right now) and get back to doing club activities.

-Plan something for August meeting, we need some interesting feature other than just meeting

-Alan has migrated the website to a new server under his control and is getting the DNS rerouted. We updated the Admin privileges and Alan has made the site look much better than before. Now we can really use it to promote the Club. We all need to send Content to Alan Jackson for website.

-According to the Club Charter, we need to keep track of meeting minutes. This is normally the job of the Communications Director, but the President can delegate it to the Vice-President as well. This is important since we’re sitting on over $5,000, we need proof we exist and records we are active. Generate Generic Meeting Minutes template.

-Our current meeting location of Hammer & Ale is not appealing to many people due to location, lack of parking, limited food options, lack of private space, etc. So we need to consider other options.

-Potential alternative locations: Draft survey (Bosco’s, Schweinhaus, Rock n Dough Pizza, Meddlesome (brewery hopping), Hog & Hominy, Growlers *must confirm we can bring homebrew

-Draft a survey monkey to ask members for their input on meeting locations

-Philip suggests one member host a brewday each month at their house to get members together and get new people into brewing (Phil will do first one)

-Hold Teach a Buddy to Brew Day at Germantown Oktoberfest on Nov. 4th. Or can we hold this at the Botanical Gardens?

-Generate Club Event Ideas (calendar style)

-Extravaganza: Entry Window: 12/4 – 1/30    E-Day on 2/24

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