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We’re looking for people to participate in the “Grocery Store Brew” meeting in July. Give us a shout back if you want to brew.

The idea is to get creative. Do a small batch if you don’t want to risk a full batch. The only “rules” are to follow one of these options when brewing:

1.) You can use brewers yeast but everything else must come from the grocery store (some ingredient ideas: Oats, cereal, rice, grits, honey, bread yeast, bitter herbs or veg. fruit. )

2.) Alter a recipe by using any two of these items: Cap’n Crunch, Sweet Potatoes, Peanut Butter, Rice, Pickle Juice

Upcoming meetings:

May – Cold Fermentation – Jon Korneliussen

June – One Wort, Four Yeast – Matt Mulqueen and David McCormick

Don’t forget the October “Fictional Beers” meeting, some theme ideas are:

• Lord of the Rings inspired beer
• Harry Potter beer
• Gunslinger’s Graff from The Dark Tower series
• Star Wars theme
• Game of Thrones brew

Best of the Bluff schedule:

June – BotB – Lawnmower Beers
July – Grocery Store Brew
August – AHA – European Amber Lagers
September – No BotB but bring Herb Beers if you have them, they’ll go with our presentation
October – BotB – Fictional Beers

We’ll have news on the fall festivals soon and look for your chance to brew for the Aug. and Sept. Rock N Romp.



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